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Thanh Van Dang

Ms. Van Dang is a Tech Entrepreneur, Angel Investor and Mentor. She founded Savvycom JSC and drove it as one of Top 30 Global App Developers in 2017. She also serves as 2021 Asia Society-Victoria Distinguished Fellow and a passionate mentor/judge for various business/tech/women communities and events. Van Dang’s vision now is pinning Vietnam as a prestigious brand name on the IT world map.

Graduated in Computer Science from the University of Sydney under an #AustraliaAwards Scholarship, Van Dang is now the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Savvycom, a software service company with approximately 500 employees which stands as Vietnam’s leading digital technology business. Last year, Van was named as one of the Advance Award Finalists, Alumni which were honored by the Australian Government. Being featured in Top 15 Global Leaders to Watch 2017 of Forbes, Van is a great inspirational force for tech-savvy people, entrepreneurs in general and female leaders in particular. As a great example of an Australian #AusGlobalAlumni who has become a successful entrepreneur since returning to Vietnam, Van continues taking on the role of Asia Society-Victoria Distinguished Fellow, Board Member of Aus4Innovation program, Vice President of Vietnam Digital Technology Alliance, and Vice President of Hanoi Association for Women Entrepreneurs.

Her recognitions through the years:

  • Advance Award Finalists, Alumni honored by Australian Government, 2021
  • Keynote Speaker of RMIT Graduation Ceremony, 2021
  • Fortune-U.S. State Department Mentee, Global Women Mentoring Program, 2020
  • Most Prominent Australian Female Alumni, Australian Embassy in Viet Nam, 2019
  • Steering Committee member of the Aus4Innovation program, 2019.
  • Speaker on the topic “Technology Innovation and Women in Leadership” at the EIS Summit taking place in Melbourne, Australia, 2018
  • Speaker at the Event “Women Leadership: A Cross-Cultural Perspective”, co-organized by the European Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam (Eurocham) and the Nordic Chamber of Commerce (Nordcham).
  • Vice President of VNITO Alliance (Vietnam IT Outsourcing Alliance)
  • Forbes magazine 15 Global Leaders to Watch, 2017
  • ASEAN Female Entrepreneur of the Year held by ASEAN Business Advisory Council, 2017
  • Top 100 Outstanding Start-up Entrepreneurs
  • Merit of Outstanding Achievement and official mentor of Cherie Blair Mentoring Program
  • First Winner of the Mekong Women’s Entrepreneurship Challenge held by World Bank, 2013 Entrepreneurs Association, 2016

Van Dang can be reached through: